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Handmade furniture, at its best, can be enjoyed in many ways. Of course, the piece must meet your practical demands. Custom work gives you the ability to specify details that reflect your own needs in contrast to factory furniture that is meant to appeal to the widest possible audience. In some cases, this can be accomplished by modifying aspects of a traditional or historical design, allowing the piece to serve a unique function or fill a particular space. At other times, it might involve developing an original design that responds to cues provided by the client--these an be functional, decorative or, most often, a combination of factors.

In a successful design, the overall form, lines, and colors that define the piece can render a soothing, harmonious whole or a stimulating tension between the elements. Combinations of materials, textures, grain patterns and finishes offer visual and tactile features to consider and appreciate. Like any thoughtful creation, fine furniture can appeal to both emotion and intellect, enriching your daily life by making a functional object special.

My work draws on a variety of influences that include the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, Chinese and Japanese traditional furniture, architecture of the Prairie and Art Deco styles, and forms found in nature. Many of my pieces feature highly figured or hand-carved hardwoods.

The gallery photos represent a sample of pieces built over three decades--they may be helpful as a reference in discussing your project. Any of these can be reproduced as shown or modified to suit your unique situation and preferences. In addition, I am happy to provide new original designs, use your sketches or photos as a starting point for developing a design, or collaborate with your designer or architect to bring their concepts to life. Please call or email for additional information.

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